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Have you tried to shift your energy or the energy of your home or business on your own and the results haven’t been what you had hoped?

Here at Pristine Energy we assist people in clearing themselves, their families, pets, homes, land, offices and businesses of unwanted negative energy that may be interfering with their health (mental and physical), relationships, finances and balance of their body vehicle or living/work space.

The Process:

  • Removal of various kinds of negative and unwanted energies.
  • Transmute, replenish and renew the energy of a space, object, human or animal to bring balance back.
  • Restructure and shield, or in some cases of buildings, grid the space to prevent future imbalances.

Why Choose Pristine Energy

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Change your energy. Change your life.

Home Only:
With in 10 mile radius of office.
$150 per hour travel time to and from property outside of 10 mile radius.
For properties 3 hours out of radius travel expenses and bulk time rate will apply.


Adults and Children
Clearing of all types negative influences, entities, de-cording and removal of other people’s energy, emotional residue, healing of energetic field, and new shields to prevent future attachments.


Pet/Animal Clearing and Communication:
Clearing of the animals energetic field and any traumas the pet has taken on from others, healing of its energetic field and new shields to prevent future attachments. Includes any requests or communication the pet wishes to convey to it’s beloved owner.


Home/Family Packages:
The families living space will be cleared along with the family (Up to 2 adults, up to 2 children) add $100 for each additional child or pet, $200 for each additional adult.
In person (within a 10 mile radius) or on Skype.


For properties 3 hours out of radius travel expenses and time rate will apply. Businesses with 20 employees or more as well as large office buildings will need to be estimated.

Clearing of up to two owners will be include as an Adult Clearing.

  • Office/Store Building
  • Business plus owners (up to two)
  • Quarterly Clearing
  • Monthly Clearing

$150 per hour travel time to and from property outside of 10 mile radius.


Car or Item:
Jewelry, antiques, previously owned items, cars (especially those that have been in accidents) can all carry negative energy and may need individual clearing. $150 for distance. Call to get pricing for in person.


Contact us for an estimate.


Frequently asked questions

Not at a distance but a responsible adult needs to be present when we are on property.
Access to all space is preferred in person, but if an area is locked or in accessible it is not necessary.  Distance clearings property layout will be requested.
Physical buildings are difficult to shield.  Placing crystal grids will assist in this as well as other steps we take when clearing a property, but people coming and going as well as other factors can cause properties to need regular clearing.�� Usually though a home that has experienced a specific problem, that will not occur unless it is connected to someone bringing similar problems into the home.  People are usually only cleared once, but some people tend to “pick up” unwanted energies.  Trauma, surgery, drugs and alcohol use, as well as strong emotions can rip holes in our energetic fields inviting unwanted energies in.  Also we can unknowingly invite other people into our fields, this happens in close relationships sometimes and with sexual interaction.  Usually though our clients remain clear after a clearing.  Having all occupants cleared with the property at the same time ensures the property will be clear as well.

Construction to a home or business can cause energies to be stirred up and a place previously cleared may need to be and is to recommended to be cleared again.

Business, especially those with regular foot traffic will need to be cleared more than once, and once a quarter to twice a year is suggested depending upon the business and amount of foot traffic.

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